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Download the Waiter App...

Register your waiter and servers. Through  the App, they will be able to receive notifications and calls for customers when an order is ready and has to be delivered. This app is also designed to take orders virtually, which will arrive directly at the kitchen or bar.

Bartender and Kitchen Platform

Once you have registered your personnel for kitchen and bar, they will be able to receive orders directly in their profile.

You don't need any special equipment... Just your cellphone

Now Pick-Up and Delivery*

Own your customizable e-commerce and website and start taking orders and payments

*Check if your city is in the list

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Being part of RiceApp is pretty easy...

Register in, upload your information, menu and your bank account where you will receive payments from customers

Set up your tables and bar chairs, download the Qr Codes and place them on tables. The Qr code is linked to an specific table

Your customers will be able to scan the code through their cell phone camera and start order through the application

After your customer enjoyed your best dishes, they can pay and split the bill and you receive the payment in your account

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Food Court and Food Halls, Pre-Order and Booking, Hotel Room Service

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