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From your online store, delivery, payments and order management, we help you digitize your business and increase your sales...

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We want to unite online consumer with their favorite restaurant by creating a digital community through a social, efficient and low-cost cloud-based solution

For Restaurants, Food Halls, Food Courts and Hotels

Learn more about how we can help you to improve sales, attract more customers, and be more efficient in your daily operations


The option you already know. Order directly to the restaurant or store, from its website or through the application. Don't pay more with other apps


Are you in a hurry, from your office or your home and you want something different and at a good price? Order and eat at the restaurant with Express Lunch


From the restaurant, scan the QR code, review the menu and order and pay without waiting to be served


Add your payment method from the application or webapp and make the payment easy, fast and secure

Enjoy with your friends and take advantage of technology

The app to search, book, ordering, share and pay the bill at the restaurant without waiting for the waiter

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